The Hazelton Brahman Stud, Stud Number 39, was registered in 1961, when Ted Kirk and his wife Grace began breeding purebred red and grey Brahman cattle and introducing Brahman bloodlines into their commercial Hereford herd. Ted foresaw the need for Brahman genetics, because of the superior tick resistance and improved drought tolerance. So, Ted and Grace sought out the Brahman to strengthen their herd. Ted purchased some of his first Brahman cattle from the Waurina, Cherokee, Waverly, Wetherby, Orient and Dundee Studs. From there Hazelton Brahmans was born.

In 1999 Hazelton branched out and grew when Ted’s son, Brett and his wife Susan purchased “Blackwood” near Middlemount in Central Queensland, which they then made their family home. Hazelton Brahmans is now proudly managed by Brett, Susan and their children Stuart, Logan, Frazer and Lucie- Anne.

Hazelton Brahmans sells up to 34 bulls annually at the Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale, which it has done since the sale began and will continue to do so. More recently, Hazelton has started selling bulls at the Nebo “Beef Country” Bull sale in November. Our cattle have been sold in every mainland state of Australia and have even been exported to multiple Indo-Pacific countries, such as PNG and Indonesia, to name a few.

Despite our strong and consistent presence in the sale ring, the majority of our bull sales are made in the paddocks at home. We strive to breed cattle that perform in any environment and encourage you to come view them in and outside the sale yards. Inspections are always welcome at Hazelton where the Stud cattle are born and bred or at Blackwood where they are grown out.

Today, Hazelton Brahmans is a joint Stud and Commercial operation. The majority of the stud’s breeding program remains based at Hazelton, Gayndah. Our breeding program incorporates AI, IVF, ET and natural conception. Over the last 60 years Hazelton has explored breeding Charbrays, Brafords and most recently Brangus cattle in our commercial operation. Our stud’s dedication and family’s passion however, remains in breeding quality Brahman cattle. Hazelton and Blackwood have been EU accredited for the last 15 years. The Blackwood property is the heart of our commercial operation where we fatten bullocks and breed replacement stock. Blackwood is now fully certified as organic and as of 2016 we will be producing and breeding organic commercial beef. Given our joint commercial and stud operation we understand the bullock producer and as such aim to breed a product with excellent constitution and good temperament to suit any conditions.